Felix Schlarmann


BRUUT! released record #8 in April 2024 on Excelsior Recordings. The band plays a tour through major venues in spring.





In 2023 Tree House saw the light. On commission by the Jazzahead Bremen I put together a 7-piece group that has been premiered during the festival. 

The band’s premiere featured Ben van Gelder and Mete Erker on saxophones, Franz von Chossy on piano, Olivier Van Niekerk on guitar, Liva Dumpe on vocals and Pat Cleaver on the bass.

In 2024 the group toured The Netherlands and Germany, performing at venues like the Bimhuis or Paradox.


“Felix Schlarmann’s Dutch-German collaboration ‘Tree House’ with a front line of wordless vocalist, two saxophones and guitar, brimmed with shimmering insight…” 

Paul de Barros, DOWNBEAT